MNA interior design studio is structured to ensure that all projects are met with a consistent high-quality design; our team has the depth and breadth of talent and expertise to create unique design solutions. We offer a complete range of services for the planning, design and delivery of interior environments: we help clients strategize, plan, and design their space; we ensure timely execution within a set budget; and further manage space over time.

MNA's interior design practice balances aesthetic and spatial considerations with marketplace realities in order to generate a work that improves an organization's effectiveness, addresses function, and is able to accommodate future change.

Our team plans and designs spaces addressing various business concerns like corporate identity, cultural background, human resources and financial performance. Such projects contribute to the establishment of pleasant and safely functional work environments thus increasing the productivity and wellbeing of their users. 

Our process responds to fundamental business issues: the project's purpose, the client's culture, and the basic parameters of location, budget, and schedule. By working closely with the client we translate space, light, form, materials and technology into an interior that speaks of function, beauty and value.

Our services include

Cost Modeling and Estimating 


Design Review

Site Logistics Planning

Interior Finishes Contracting

Based solely in Kuwait, we have become recognized as a general contractor for interior finishes. This arm of the business was developed with a conviction that gathering all finishing works under one responsible general contractor leads to an optimized efficiency and outcome in terms of time, cost, and quality.

Interior Engineering Department

Our Italy-based engineering department assists the client by putting team-oriented, responsive, innovative and skilled engineers and architects at the service of the project. Their invaluable experience with installation methods, quality control plans, safety plans, technical calculations etc. is constantly up-to-date and their direct dispatch to the project sites assures the proper sharing of engineering knowledge and feedback. A large technical records library, consequential to this service, is available at our head office.

An important component of our head office in Italy is a department, which supplies the project with comprehensive support concerning development, shops drawing production, quantity takeoffs, etc. It also offers complete engineering proposals with further solutions to incomplete drawings, e.g. the choice of materials and color schemes or the resolution of overlooked details.

Wall covering

Marble cladding: glued and mechanically fixed

Wood paneling

Stretched and glued fabric

Glued vinyl
Ceramic tiling

Special decorative painting and normal painting

Gold leafing

Carved gypsum patterns

Miscellaneous finishing works

Loose furniture and built-in elements

Glazing: gilded, etched, sandblasted

Doors: special, flush wood and steel doors

Motorized shades


Curtains, upholstery and trimming

Washroom accessories

Demountable and foldable partitions

Metal works: ornamental works (steel, also stainless, bronze, brass), handrails

Hardware (iron)

Aluminum works

Clients have three unwavering parameters: the delivery of highest-quality projects, a tight timeframe and best-guaranteed prices. The solution to satisfy such requests is simple: seamless organization. By combining design and construction talent, we improve the cost performance, accelerate the project's delivery and thus carefully balance our clients' investments with real value. MNA's "interior design + construction” package offers pre-construction services through full turnkey design and construction management.

We have shaped our organization and grouped all finishing works under one contractor in order to deliver an optimized product. To do this successfully, we have in-house capabilities for the major trades and skills required - plasterwork in its different applications; marble and stone works; woodwork, carpentry and upholstery; painting and decorative painting; and traditional decorative crafts. We continually research new products and technologies with their respective applications to ensure a pro-active performance in the face of competitive bidding and to the ever-exacting standards required by our clients and the trade.

This equips the client with unique advantages. The ability to source directly from factories rather than via third parties cuts back costs.
 Comprehensive support from our affiliate companies in Europe, the Gulf and the Middle East provides each project with superior knowledge in the technical, sourcing, procurement, quality control and management departments.

Interior Construction

Interior Design + Build Leadership 

Construction Management 

Construction Bridging

Consulting and Representation 

Gypsum Work 

Floor Covering 

Wall Covering and Curtains 

Oriental Crafts

Project Coordination

The in-house policy on cooperation ensures that all procedures are properly coordinated, while one central information matrix groups and screens all relevant data. Our coached team efficiently handles any arising interdisciplinary problems related to activities from different fields. Such coordination capabilities enable MNA’s procurement team to work with adequately detailed breakdowns of the required elements; this, in return, ensures effective separate sourcing of each item and results in extremely competitive prices for the best products. Such a concept even allows harmonic work sequences and appropriate scheduling for the follow-up on the building site. Our main office, seat of engineers acting as our electromechanical department coordinators, provides the sites with the support required to secure the best possible composite drawings at ceilings, floors and elevations.

Floor covering

Carpet: tiles, machine woven, hand tufted
Vinyl floor covering

Raised flooring

Wooden parquet

Marble flooring

Pre-cast and mass terrazzo

Ceiling finishes

Reinforced gypsum ceilings (cornices, domes, moldings...)

Gypsum boarded ceilings

Wooden ceilings

Fabric ceilings & stretched PVC ceilings

Ajami painted ceilings (hand painted damascene style)

Aluminum ceilings & acoustical ceilings